What my clients say

aka, My Awesome Clients & Why They Love Me

“I love working with Elise Michaels Media. As a person who is good at my job, I realize how important it is to hire the best experts in the things I’m NOT good at! Website design and upkeep is definitely one of those things. Elise makes things happen, easily and fast. She lends creativity, and an open-mind to the concrete tasks that go into a good website. I would highly recommend working with Elise Michaels Media for your next web adventure!”

Kim Curley | Commute Options

“The Humane Society of Central Oregon has been very happy with Elise as a webmaster. It is important that changes to our website are handled quickly and accurately, and Elise is always right on our requests. She also helps by providing insights and suggestions regarding the aesthetics and usability of our site. Elise is very professional and a pleasure to work with!”

Sabrina Slusser | Humane Society of C.O.

“Elise created a whole new website for my company Complements Home Interiors. She asked the right questions and probed to find out what we were looking to do as well what we wanted in a look and feel of the website. We are now in the number one or two spot on Google! We have many people reach out to us because of the new site and how it feels like our brand. I am so appreciative of all Elise has done and continues to do for us and our branding efforts.”

Patti Julber | Complements Home Interiors

“Working with Elise was a breeze! I’ve project managed many new site builds and Elise was the most efficient and knowledgeable developer I worked with. She’s very familiar when it comes to the ever changing SEO practices too.”

Shannon Hinderberger | Marketing & Social Media

“Elise Michaels Media has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She was very helpful and dedicated to making both of our websites exactly how we want. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable and exceeded our expectations!”

Chuck Gillem | Down to Earth Landscaping, Toilet Tabby

“I did extensive research, regionally and nationally, to select a developer that could accomplish what we needed The Center’s website to do. I am extremely happy with the results, both aesthetically and functionally. Elise is professional, easy to work with, responsive and always made me feel like our website was her top priority. She went above and beyond, providing helpful suggestions and customized solutions that function beautifully with a simple to use website. I would recommend Elise for any development project, no matter how complex or demanding.”

Jenny King | The Center Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research

“Working with Elise Michaels Media is a joy–Elise is creative, skilled, and experienced at both building and maintaining websites. PLAYA’s beautiful online presence is in large part thanks to her. She’s also coached staff in putting up our own content when the need arises; her instructions are clear and concise. We’ve been fortunate to have Elise on our extended team.”

Becca Lawton | PLAYA Summer Lake

“I was recently in the position of completing a website for a client with another design/build company. That frustrating experience reinforced why working with Elise Michaels Media is so much better. With Elise, you are working directly with her on every step of the contract, design, build and launch. You aren’t negotiating every edit, font size and white space in terms of “scope change” with a project manager. You don’t have to wait days or even weeks for those small changes to be made. With Elise, you hop on the phone or on Zoom. Things get done. Sites get launched. Elise, thanks for being a Rock Star! “

Lori Gleichman | Strategic Associates

“Elise has been one of those people that has always been there for Home Heating & Cooling! She really listens to our ideas and figures out how to put that on our website perfectly. When we need help and an adjustment is needed it gets done in short order!”

Ric Secor | Home Heating and Cooling, Bend